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Although the film adaptation of The Lover was a beautiful movie, I found that it was not in line with what I imagined while reading the novel. I did not think that the girl in the novel matched the girl in the movie.  The girl in the movie was much more forward and promiscuous than I […]



From childhood to this very day, I’d describe myself as ever-observant, thoughtful, insightful.  I have alwasy been the type to closely watch everything around me.  What I see shapes what I think of the world, and there is much to think about.  Even now, the wide-eyed, curious child is still alive inside me.  Unfortunately, from […]



Recovering from the punch of the first passage, I eased into Marguerite Duras’s The Lover ready to feel the impact of every word.  Though I was initially disoriented by the sporadic storytelling, I found myself relaxing into the flow of the nameless girl’s tale. Select passages brought up memories of my own past private thoughts and feelings.  […]