Although the film adaptation of The Lover was a beautiful movie, I found that it was not in line with what I imagined while reading the novel. I did not think that the girl in the novel matched the girl in the movie.  The girl in the movie was much more forward and promiscuous than I imagined her.  I may not have interpreted it correctly, but reading the novel, I pictured the girl as more innocent.  I considered her the type of person who things just happen to, not as the type of person who goes out and makes things happen.  In the movie the girl makes a very sensuous move by kissing the window of the Chinese man’s car.  This did not happen in the novel.  It added a dimension of character to the girl that I did not find consistent with my perception of the girl I read.  Here she knows exactly what to do to arouse the Chinese man.  How could this little girl, this virgin, have the sexuality of a grown woman?  It did not make sense to me.

The novel was a look through the girl’s eyes while the movie was watching her in action. Reading the novel, it did not feel like the girl was talking much at all; it was more like you were just hearing her thoughts.  In the movie, however, the girl had quite a mouth.  She was snappy and outspoken, quite unlike the silent, observant, thoughtful girl I imagined while reading the novel.

I also imagined the girls mother differently than how she was portrayed in the movie.  I imagined her younger and sharper.  The madness the girl described in the novel was not shown in the mother in the movie.  She was old and slow, not nearly as abusive as the book portrayed her as, and seemed such a weaker character than I expected.  Madness is such a strong theme in the novel; I was surprised the movie left it out. 

Other than the few inconsistencies I saw while watching, I enjoyed the movie.


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