The Importance of Straight Edge



Radical. Fanatic. Zealot. Several words many people use to describe Walter Edmund Bond, Straight Edge devotee and vegan animal rights activist now imprisoned for the arson of a sheepskin factory in Denver, Colorado.

Martyr. Revolutionary. Hero. Several words many people use to describe Walter Edmund Bond. Proponents of Bond within the Straight Edge and vegan community base their support off the many writings Bond has published online through the alias of “the Lone Wolf.” One post describes Bond’s devotion to the Straight Edge subculture, as well as it’s union with his vegan beliefs. “The Importance of Straight Edge” reads the title; the first lines read:

Part of having a revolutionary mentality means we examine our beliefs and actions and then discard those which don’t fit in the world in which we want to live. We first make this change in ourselves and then initiate that change in the world around us.

There is an underlying culture of revolution in America. Its very creation was spawned from the American Revolution against Britain. The civil rights movement was a revolution. The hippy counterculture movement was a revolution. Again and again the spirit of rebellion against the status quo has been in the hearts of generation after generation of Americans. This culture of revolution is what we will focus on as we make a cultural criticism of Bond’s post.


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