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Blind Certainty


It takes rejecting blind certainty to consider an “outsider” your brother in Christ. Blindness is a motif in the Bible signifying not only the physical inability to see, but a spiritual inability to see the truth of Christ’s message.  In the dark of sin, people are blind.  But Christ brings in the light.  Jesus says […]

I might as well be a church connoisseur.   I’ve sampled a large variety of churches, and plan to experience more.  Next on my list are an African American and a Pentacostal service (just for kicks).  Seriously, I’d been hearing a lot about this Rock Harbor congregation in Costa Mesa for a while now.  I […]

I don’t want to make a eulogy of this post to my late grandfather, Rudy Diamsay, or Ingkong, as my cousins and I called him.  It’s somber enough that whenever he’s mentioned in a conversation, tones become serious and reverent as if his ghost was there with us.  My family loved and respected Ingkong so […]



New media has taken over the world.  As a facet of modern culture, new media has also spread its influence to religious realms.  To Instagram a pic of your highlighted bible open next to a mocha frappaccino is all it takes to join the bandwagon of Christian new media users. Of all the great examples […]

Spirituality can still be found in even the most ungodly subcultures. In the 1908’s a movement began in Punk Rock called Straight Edge.  Straight Edge punk rockers chose to cast away the preferred vices of their subculture by abstaining from promiscuous sex,  alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.  Punk rockers converting to the clean life? Sounds like […]

Though Christianity today may seem dominated by Western culture, its reach is global and includes cultures that seem too foreign to relate to. “Christianization” not only refers to attempt to lure people into worship places by assimilating to culture, but the conversion of individual or entire peoples to Christianity in general.  Christianity formed in the Middle East, […]

Blurred Lines


The lines between subcultures in the one body of Christ should be blurred. “Issues of culture are at the heart of Christian faith,” according to Andrew Walls.  At first, the earliest believers of Christianity resembled typical Jews: they devoutly attended Temple, were circumcised, observed Sabbath, and read the Torah.  They identified Jesus in terms of […]



This project may appear to be an extension of my Christian faith.  Really, it’s  an attempted substitution for it.  The reason why I went searching for God in culture is because I prefer culture to bible study, prayer, fellowship.  This was a humbling revelation to come to.  Like a Straight Edge extremist championing clean ideology […]