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By studying theory on the practices of writing and tutoring, tutors gather information to coincide with the empirical knowledge they gain from the act of writing or tutoring itself.  Only when coupled together do theory and practice produce strong writing and strong tutoring.  Lisa Ede says in Writing as a Social Process, “theory without practice is likely to result in ungrounded, inapplicable speculation.” […]

One on One


My classmate Zasha* fell victim to my first crack at tutoring. In a mock tutoring session for our Theory and Practice of Writing, Tutoring, and Conferencing course, Zasha and I brought each other pieces of our most recent writing. “Why we write,” was what we wrote on.  So meta.  So personal.  We had to tutor […]

Short Story


If my so-called “partner” was truly worthy of all the puppy-dog love and admiration he gets from the boss, the guys, and even the goddamn hookers at Denny’s on Sunset, he’d be here. Right now. Buying me a draft for all the shit I’ve been through without him. “Kid’s on a sickbed and the wife’s […]

“One Story”


Writing, for me, is a story of stories.  Just like no single experience has shaped me as a person, no single influence has shaped me as a writer.  I’ve encountered many influences.  There is a story to tell about each one, but if we’re talking simply, there is only one story. High school reading and […]