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Observation #3


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My tutor Tyler described the hiring process he experienced in applying to the writing center. “What do you know about rhetoric?” the interviewer had asked him. “Not much,” Tyler replied. “Okay. When can you start?” I took the pathos less traveled, and that made little difference. — Megan Beth Koester (@bornferal) December 9, 2013 Rhetoric, […]

Observation #2


“I’d go gonzo for this,” I thought to myself after my second tutoring observation in the writing center. It had taken quite a lot of effort to finally score a session with a tutor.  The classmate I originally  partnered with was as flaky as layered biscuits, which didn’t jive with my busy schedule.  Instead of observing […]

Observation #1


I met Tyler* for a tutoring session in the writing center last week.  As I handed him my writing he mumbled, “Now, where’s my red pen?” Nightmares of grammar Nazi teachers’ past came rushing back to me and I prepared for the worst. I gave Tyler a paper copy of a blog post I wrote […]